The Most Popular Posts of 2013


Blake Lively Allure Photoshoot : Blake Lively is one of my hair inspirations. Her effortlessly tousled and beachy waves are coveted by every hair obsessed girl. 

Ugg Adirondack Winter Boots Review : For those of us who live in regions where winter is unforgiving to girls like me who loves her heels, Ugg Adirondack Winter Boots are our second best friends besides the beloved stilettos. 

Studded Valentino Shoes Lust : Who could say no to these beautifully studded Valentino beauties for every occasions. 

Accent Nail: Turquoise and Pink Glitter : This post was written when accent nails were the rage in beauty community. I absolutely love the color combination, which is probably why it made to the top posts. 

Unexpected Saks Fifth Off Shopping Trip : This was one of my most unforgettable shopping trips as I unexpectedly scored a beautiful Burberry dress. 

Moschino Gloves : It was time for me let go of my cute knitted gloves for more sophisticated leather ones, and these Moschino gloves found its way to my closet just in time.

Pastel Vintage : One of my most beloved dress that I bought from Forever 21 that adorned me for many special occasions. 


  1. Very cool! Love this! Happy New Year!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. Those nails are gorgeous! I would get more nail polish on my hands than my nails if I did that! And that Burberry dress?! Swoon!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I was so excited about my dress.

  3. Ah such a nice round-up, bet it must have been a nice trip down memory lane writing this post. I can't wait until I've been blogging for a year so that I can do the same. Love the F21 dress - so pretty on you :) xx


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