Beauty Resolutions for 2014


1. Care for my hair: I have been lazy about taking care of my hair for a while. As my hair got significantly longer, it is requiring a ton of love, and since I am not ready to chop it off, I have to really do hair mask often and use heat protectants religiously. In addition, I would really like to play with various hair styling products to get different hair styles. 

2. Care for my skin: 2013 was a horrible year for my skin due to acne. Now I have discolorations and scarring from picking that I am trying to eliminate. Unfortunately, it might need cosmetic procedures at the end. For now, I promise I would not pick on my skin and find a dermatologist and aesthetician I can trust. 

3. Care for my wallet : Yes you read it correctly. A part of being a beauty junky is this intense urge of wanting to try every new product that is out there. Unfortunately, most of them are not worth the money spent, so I would like to research more about things on my wishlist and ensure I do not already have something similar in my makeup collection. 

4. Care for my eyes : It is time for me to take care of the skin around my eyes. I have not been an avid user of eye creams as I barely needed them. Since I know my skin is no longer regenerate as it used, I need some extra help around my eye areas. Let me know if you have any eye cream recommendations. 

5. Try French and organic skincare lines : Yes, I am more into skincare than makeup in heart. French and organic skincare products were the rage in 2013 among beauty bloggers and vloggers. So I would love to jump into the trend and try Origins, Bioderma and Micheal Todds products.  


  1. Ha, I like that post.

  2. Love this post.. really made me think of what I want to achieve this year... I think I agree with you on the hair department.. My hair is forever in ONE style just because it's too much effort for me to style it into different looks but I would love to try!!!! just followed you via GFC sweetie :)

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | My Naked Look!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and following. I know but it is so easy to get into habit of just doing one thing with hair. We should def try at least.


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