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Growing up, I never had a style icon. Looking back, it might have been a good thing, because it would have been easy to criticize myself as a teenager without realizing that I would never look like that person. I believe I was a cute girlie girl as a teenager, then moved onto Uggs, sweats and hoodies in my college years. 

Once I graduated college, I was very confused about where I was heading. Things were not going as planned in my life and it was no longer acceptable to pop my comfortable leggings and hoodies on once I was out in the real world. I was not working 9-5, so it did not feel right to shop in adult sections. 

The easiest thing to figure out for me was my hair, because I messed with my hair enough that I knew what worked for me. After browsing through millions of Allure Cover Shoots, I found my hair icon, Blake Lively. I knew that I would never look like her, but I thought I could relate to her when it comes to style. It is effortless, yet put together, and most importantly can be transformed easily without much fuss.

You can read about what I thought about her at the time in my Blake Lively Allure Photoshoot post. Back then, she was more youthful and still had essence of her teenage years. Nowadays, she is a grown woman embracing motherhood. So when I looked at her recent Allure Cover Photoshoot, I was surprised that I could still relate to her style even now. I guess I am not realizing that I am getting older either. 

I want my hair look exactly like this, hence my recent curly perm situation (a post coming up soon). I instagramed a teaser recently here. It is not quiet the same, but hey it is close enough. The funny thing is the perm was done even before I saw these photos. Also I have been really enjoying simple button ups lately, and of course I rarely leave my house without putting mascara on.

I recently watched 73 Questions with Blake Lively on youtube. I thought she was so down to earth and lovable.  But I don't think we are that similar personality wise. Seriously I probably bake once a year out of a box lol. And that is ok with me. I am so happy I finally have an answer to the question "Who is your style icon?" for now. Obviously people change, so who know if our relationship would stay the same, but for now I am happy. Who is your style icon and please tell me why? I would love to know!

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