easy green smoothie recipe


1 cup of orange juice

2 cups of spinach

1 banana

1 cup of frozen mangos

new tv shows to check out


State Affairs: I liked Katherine Heigl in Grey's anatomy, but nothing she did afterwards stood out to me. I was skeptical about the show, but I ended up really liking it. It reminded me of Scandal a little bit, because it is about a CIA agent who has a non-romantic relationship with the president. It is not as good as Scandal for sure, but maybe it will get better. 

Resurrection: I started watching this because I was bored, then I wanted to know where they were going with it. It is about people who came back from being dead. I was hoping it would not be for a religious reason, but the last few episodes started hinting at anti-christ. We will see where it goes in the future. Overall the show is definitely different. 

Fresh of the Boat: It is the only TV show that revolves around an Asian immigrant family, so why would not I watch it? It has been pretty funny and relatable so far. I read that the author of the book that the show based on did not like the show, because it was diluted so much from his original content to make it fit into the "sitcom formula." But hey I am not going to complain.

How to get away with murder: Ok common, it is Shonda Rhimes. If you watch Grey's anatomy or Scandal or both, you already know how her shows work. It is pretty much that in law setting. 2 hour season finale is coming up this week and can't wait to see it.

Vikings: I started watching it because, my husband watches it. I am not too into period shows, but he is and I always end up getting sucked into some of them. I actually like this one so far. There are 2 seasons already and a new season is coming up very soon. 

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