mini sephora haul


A small, but very thoughtful sephora haul. I am running out of my Kiehl's ultra facial cream, which I have been using for a year to be exact. I thought I will try new night cream out. So I bought a jar of restorative night cream from Boscia. Boscia is supposed to be organic or more natural skincare line, which is what I have been trying to transition into completely. The moisturizer is paraben, sulfate and pthalates free, so we will see if it can be any different from my Kiehl's moisturizer which is only paraben free. I also got tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed. Besides the hype, I liked how tarte is also more of chemical free natural makeup brand, so I thought it would be good for my skin. I will probably review them at some point. So stay tuned!

how to quit carbs and sugar


Sadly this post was inspired by my biochemistry lecture last unit when we had to memorize all the metabolic pathways. Let me tell you... it was not fun. On the other hand, I learned a little bit about carbohydrate and sugar metabolism that were relatable to our daily life.

Why are carbs and sugar so delicious? Carbs and sugars are broken down into simple sugars that are eventually made into glucose. Glucose is our primary source of energy. Our brain primarily uses glucose and our red blood cells exclusively use glucose (talk about being high maintenance). Also we have to keep our blood glucose at certain level to ensure everything is in balance. It is like our body temperature that the glucose level need to be fairly constant. Of course, it is more complicated than that, but it is the main point. 

So it only makes sense that we would love our carbs and sugars, because they are exactly what we need to survive, but in cases where we don't have any direct sources of glucose, our body is smart enough to make glucose from other things like protein and fat. But we don't really need machinery that makes glucose from protein and fat when we have carbs and sugar, so they are not always on. 

When you quit carbs and sugar cold turkey, you suffer weakness and lack of energy, because the machinery that makes glucose out of scratch needs some time to get to work. During this transition stage, your body is in preserve mode until it resolves its issues with glucose production. 

After all that boring science, the point is that it would be easier for you to cut back on your sugar and carbs, if you gradually reduce your carb and sugar intake over a few days to ensure your body is physiologically adjusted to the diet change. Once it is adjusted, you will feel a lot better without your starch and sweets.

I am not going to quit them any time soon, because med school will not be survivable without caffeine, sugar and starch. But moderation is everything everyone. Moderation...

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