j crew factory store haul


I went to the outlet mall near by to buy gifts for my family, and naturally I ended up making a few purchases myself. The first stop was J Crew Factory store. Normally I don't ever find things that I like in the price range I want, but this time I found 3 dresses for less than $70 and was really happy. 

I have been wanting a black dress with spaghetti straps for a while. I have been liking the lingerie like dresses that have been trending in the blogosphere. I am not brave enough to try the ones with lace bottoms yet, so this one was a really minimalistic alternative that is wearable. I am planning on wearing long grey cardigan over it. 

The second one is a simple black shift dress. It is not anything special. Since I don't have any simple black dresses, it was a basic purchase to build my basics wardrobe. I think it would be useful in the clinics and hospitals, because it does not restrict my movements and is super comfortable. 

The white dress is an interesting one. It is a pure cotton white dress, which makes it look almost like a white coat lol. But I like the pleated bottom and in general I thought it was unique. Overall, I am so happy with my shopping trip so far.    

spent 3 hrs in Forever 21, all I got is a blazer


I spent literally over 3 hours trying clothes on in Forever 21 recently. After all that time, I left with only this blue blazer. It was in the clearance section and ended up being around $17, which is super cheap. It drapes down and have slits in the two sides, so it needs to be worn with tights or skinnies, otherwise it looks baggy for my petite frame. 

After wearing it for a few times, I realized how cheap it feels and looks up close. I am not surprised as it tends to be the case with most Forever 21 purchases except this dusty rose dress I love so much. That is why I always end up regret spending so much time in that store. 

I absolutely adored this blue maxi dress, but the size S was too tight on me around the waist and I could not breath. Otherwise, it was made impeccably and looked beautiful.

I was conflicted about this beige dress. It was elegant and great for special occasion. I really loved the simplicity and beadings on the top. Since it did not flatter my body at all, I did not buy it. A few days ago, I saw the exact same dress on a bride on my facebook from my friend's wedding. It was a super casual wedding. If I did not see this dress in Forever 21, I would not have know that the bride was wearing a dress from Forever 21. I think it proves how much we are constricted by labels, perceptions and expectations.

I was really attracted to the rhine stone details on the sleeves of the last dress, but the color washed me out and the material did not have any body, which made it look cheap, hence my confused face. I tried gazillion more things, but they all looked awful on me. I am probably done for a while when it comes to shopping in Forever 21, unless I need a dress for a special occasion or something. Have you been to Forever 21 lately? Did you buy anything?

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