Hi everyone, just a quick announcement. Some of you might know that I have another blog that is more related to school. After juggling two blogs and considering different pathways I want to take for this blog, I am combining two blogs into a new lifestyle blog that features best of both worlds. 

In addition, I want to expand my interest in photography to be included in the blog. So there will be a lot more photography that is not related to beauty or fashion. I hope you will like the new section. You don't have to do anything in regards to following anywhere on social media except youtube, which I have not made any major decisions yet as far as what I am going to do with it. 

The new site, is still work in a progress, but I hope you guys are excited as I am for the new direction this blog is taking. FYI: I have picked the DIVA CUP giveaway winner and contacted the winner. 

my experience with menstrual cups: GIVEAWAY


Finally here is a review for my diva cup. Being a safe alternative to tampons and pads, menstrual cups are trending among women. I wanted to try it out, so I contacted Diva Cup team to see if they could send me a sample. Fortunately, they sent me a diva cup in addition to one for GIVEAWAY for my readers. Since I reached out to Diva Cup team myself, this is not a sponsored post and I am not getting paid for the review. 

Diva Cups are made with medical degree silicon, so it is safe for use. I was little nervous about using them. But surprisingly, they are amazingly comfortable and I did not even notice that I was wearing one. The directions were really user friendly. The insertion of diva cup was effortless. I just followed the directions by folding the cup. Once it was inserted, it unfolds on its own and seals itself inside. 

I was worried about leakage, but if the diva cup is sealed properly, there was no problem. One thing is that if there was significant flow before wearing diva cup, there might be minor leakage from the vaginal walls, so I recommend using panty liners in that case.

Diva Cups can be worn up to 12 hours at a time, which is great for us during the day. So you have to remove them only 2-3 times a day to empty and clean. It is perfect for me, because I hate to keep going to the bathroom and worrying about things during the day when I am busy.

They are supposed to be washed with warm water and the DivaWash or a mild, unscented, oil-free soap. I had hard time finding unscented oil-free soap in the stores, so I just used my Summer's Eve's Cleansing wash, which was fine. It might be easier to just buy DivaWash if you are concerned about it. 

Cleaning my diva cup was super easy. It took a minute under the sink with soap and few rinse. My only concern is that, it is going to be very uncomfortable experience in public bathrooms, so I would always carry tampons and pads in my purse, just in case my diva cup needs to be removed in middle of a day when I am not home. 

It is recommended to be replaced every year. I thought it will save me some money on tampon purchases, but when I calculated my expenses for a year supply of tampons, it actually ended up being the same for me. I go through a box of tampons every three months. If your tampon or pad usage is more than mine, then you will definitely save money with diva cup. 

The biggest problem I had was removal of my diva cup. It took some getting used to. Because it seals itself once inside, you have to break the seal to be able to remove it easily. I found the stem to be little too small for me to be useful, so I had to learn to pull down from the base side ways to break the seal, which is exactly what the directions say. It caused me some anxieties, but the secret is to relax and just follow the direction word to word. REPEAT, just relax and DON'T FREAK OUT.

There are two sizes, 1 and 2. Size 1 is for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by c-section. Size 2 is for women the age of 30 or above and/or who have delivered vaginally or by c-section. I received both sizes on accident and size 2 is slightly bigger than size 1, otherwise they look the same.

You can purchase Diva Cup easily these days. I noticed them in Walgreens, Target and other drugstore websites online. There is a store finder tool on Diva Cup website, which you can use to find the closest store. Also you can buy one online from these retailers on their buy now page. There are also so many useful information you can find on their website. I highly recommend you to explore the website if you are interested. I felt like they really answered all my questions when I was researching about menstrual cups. Good luck!

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my ultimate style icon


Growing up, I never had a style icon. Looking back, it might have been a good thing, because it would have been easy to criticize myself as a teenager without realizing that I would never look like that person. I believe I was a cute girlie girl as a teenager, then moved onto Uggs, sweats and hoodies in my college years. 

Once I graduated college, I was very confused about where I was heading. Things were not going as planned in my life and it was no longer acceptable to pop my comfortable leggings and hoodies on once I was out in the real world. I was not working 9-5, so it did not feel right to shop in adult sections. 

The easiest thing to figure out for me was my hair, because I messed with my hair enough that I knew what worked for me. After browsing through millions of Allure Cover Shoots, I found my hair icon, Blake Lively. I knew that I would never look like her, but I thought I could relate to her when it comes to style. It is effortless, yet put together, and most importantly can be transformed easily without much fuss.

You can read about what I thought about her at the time in my Blake Lively Allure Photoshoot post. Back then, she was more youthful and still had essence of her teenage years. Nowadays, she is a grown woman embracing motherhood. So when I looked at her recent Allure Cover Photoshoot, I was surprised that I could still relate to her style even now. I guess I am not realizing that I am getting older either. 

I want my hair look exactly like this, hence my recent curly perm situation (a post coming up soon). I instagramed a teaser recently here. It is not quiet the same, but hey it is close enough. The funny thing is the perm was done even before I saw these photos. Also I have been really enjoying simple button ups lately, and of course I rarely leave my house without putting mascara on.

I recently watched 73 Questions with Blake Lively on youtube. I thought she was so down to earth and lovable.  But I don't think we are that similar personality wise. Seriously I probably bake once a year out of a box lol. And that is ok with me. I am so happy I finally have an answer to the question "Who is your style icon?" for now. Obviously people change, so who know if our relationship would stay the same, but for now I am happy. Who is your style icon and please tell me why? I would love to know!

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